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March 6 - National Frozen Food Day


Easily the most popular frozen food out there is:


Nom! This title from Capstone talks about the history of ice cream (and cones), how it is made, and a few of the many flavors out there.

- The end of the book includes a simple recipe for ice cream made in a couple baggies. Lots of shaking involved, so do it when you have someone else to take a turn!

- What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Head to the grocery store and buy a couple flavors you have never tried before. Make up a chart comparing them, or hold a family taste testing party and declare a winner.

- Make up your own flavor of ice cream. Give it a name and create a poster or commercial advertising it.

- What other frozen treats can you think of? Make your own popsicles or shakes with frozen fruits and juices. Yummy and healthy!

Know who else likes ice cream?


Toe-tapping rhythm, predicting, and silly fun! Joe is happy to share his ice cream with whoever comes along, and when it runs out - well, there is still fun to be had!

Extension: Make your own drums out of empty ice cream tubs! Don't have any empty tubs? Hmm, I wonder how we could remedy that...

Social Studies

- Freezing food helps us store it for a longer time. What did people do before the inventions of the refrigerator and freezer?

- The term "TV Dinner" was first used in marketing in the 1950's. Anybody else remember the little foil trays, still used up until the microwave took off? Advertisers promoted them as a way to get dinner ready in a hurry, so that your family could catch the 'early show' on TV. Meals used to take all day to prepare, and now we are used to expecting things in an instant. Is this a good or bad thing - or a little bit of both? Engage in a discussion about the satisfaction of preparing things from scratch, vs. opening a box. Can both be done in a healthy way? Is making every meal from scratch always possible/practical?


- A quick internet search for "freezer experiments" will give you a multitude of ideas, but here is a very simple one involving oil and water from Kidspot.

-  Freezing food is just one method of storing it over a long period. Others including refrigeration, canning, and dehydration. Experiment with small samples of sliced beef, apple chunks, and green beans to see which methods are easier, last longer, and taste better.

- What types of foods freeze best? Learn about techniques such as blanching and flash freezing, as well as different types of containers. Experiment with different methods on the same foods and see what happens over time. What if you freeze something while it is still warm, vs. letting it cool first? What about air vs. no air in the container?


Mmm, here we are speaking my love language! Nothing is quite as satisfying as a day spent filling the freezer with meals for the next month, and there is no reason little hands can't help with a lot of the prep work. Don't wait until your child is a teen to teach him to handle a knife safely, or stir the ground beef as it browns!

By far my most-recommended book for anyone interested in freezing meals is this one:

Fix, Freeze, Feast: The Delicious, Money-Saving Way to Feed Your Family

In fact, I have two copies now - one to keep at home, and one to loan out to friends! Here is my review of the book, as well as many of the recipes. One recipe I didn't review, Cam's Ribs, is now the only way I will cook ribs any more!

In addition to kitchen skills, your child can get his math in with counting, measuring, weights, fractions, doubling and halving. Make up a spread sheet together to list everything you are putting in your freezer.

Don't fret if you can't get all of it done in a day, because March is actually Frozen Food Month as well! Keep an eye on those supermarket sales, or if you are lucky enough to have a farmer's market or Bountiful Baskets going in your area, stock up and start freezing!


(To the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame")

Take me out for some ice cream,
take me out to the store.
Buy me a triple scoop ice cream cone - 
I won't share, I'll just eat it alone!

'Cause I love, love love all the ice cream,
I don't need those candies or cakes.
I'll eat one, two, three bowls full more - 
Now my tummy aches!


Do you know someone who just had/is about to have a baby? Recovering from surgery? Out of work? Just needs a pick-me-up? Save a few of those freezer meals out, and run them over to them!

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