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March 26 - Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

have you been having fun celebrating all these holidays? I hope so! My kids have had a blast being my guinea pigs. Now whenever I come across a fun idea, I immediately try to think of a holiday to use it with. Is there an activity you are dying to try? A food you want to make? A place you want to visit? Well, today is the day to work it all in!



Katie's neighbor Mrs. Muddle declares more holidays than anyone else, and she celebrates them in style. In March, she makes peanut-butter-and-birdseed cookies for the birds to enjoy on First Robin Day. The next month, she and Katie dance in the rain during First Shower of April. As the year goes on, Mrs. Muddle creates a unique holiday for each month, and all of Katie's friends get in on the fun. Then Katie comes up with a special holiday of her own, and Mrs. Muddle Day is the biggest celebration her neighborhood has ever seen!

One of my favorite books, and full of inspiration to get you started!


Tilly’s friends are all going to exciting places for their vacations, but she is staying at home. Mom says they’ll have a great time together, but Tilly thinks it’s impossible to have any vacation fun at home! Or is it?

Any plans that include a trip to the library just have to be good ones!


Nail those valentines to the windows and pick out your tree, it's time for Easter! Take your cue from the Bunnies and combine some of your favorite holidays into something truly memorable.


Shamrocks for St. Pat's, pumpkins for Halloween...what would the symbol(s) of your holiday be? Cut a bunch out and use them to practice patterns or math facts!

Social Studies

How does a holiday become a holiday?

There are official holidays, sanctioned by the government, in just about every country of the world. Many countries, for example, celebrate the 'birth' of their country. (What is ours? How do we celebrate it?) Sometimes they celebrate important people in that country's history (such as President's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). Many countries have a day to be thankful, often around harvest time. (How did Thanksgiving become an official holiday in the US? When do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving?) Other holidays have a religious background. Some states or communities have official holidays that are not necessarily celebrated by the whole country. (Does your community have any? Your state? Take a look through the holiday books at your library - generally found at Dewey #394.2 - and find out what festivities we Americans are missing out on!)

Unofficial holidays are not endorsed in any way by the government. They may be serious holidays, to draw awareness to a disease or problem for example, or they may be fun and silly holidays - like most of the ones we are celebrating on this blog! Some are sponsored by a business or an organization, and word is spread that way. Others, such as International Talk Like a Pirate Day, might begin with two friends playing racquetball, and become world famous when just the right news person comes along.

Who knows? Next year, we may be featuring YOUR holiday on this blog! So make sure you write and tell us about it!

Language Arts

Have you ever read an official proclamation from, for example, a mayor? Here is a copy of one from our previous mayor, about our very own library!

Lots of fancy words, it reads in part:

"Whereas, Maude Oliver Rathgeber, daughter of a local pioneer family, has been a hallmark of character...
Whereas, Mrs. Rathgeber organized Friends of the Library in 1959...
Whereas, Mrs. Rathgeber has furthered the cultural arts in our community and state...
Whereas, Mrs. Rathgeber led the way in organizing, creating and constructing the Story Book Wall...
Now, therefore, I, Susie Galea, Mayor of the City of Alamogordo, New Mexico, do hereby proclaim Saturday, May 11, 2013 as:
Alamogordo Public Library Story Book Wall Day"

Well, you may not be able to get the Mayor to issue an official proclamation (although you never know!), but I'll bet you could get Mom or Dad to do it! See if you can follow the general outline to write up your very own official holiday proclamation.


Posters! Decorations! Ornaments! And don't forget to make greeting cards and send them to your unsuspecting relatives!


What shall you serve? Will there be dessert foods, or a whole themed meal? This might be a great time to do some experimenting in the kitchen! 


Can you design any games to go with your holiday? Make sure you write the rules down, so you can celebrate properly again next year!

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