Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 22 - National Goof Off Day

I still quite vividly remember a day when I was in elementary school, and my parents decided we would all take the day off. We didn't go anywhere, just skipped school, stayed in our PJs, and did...nothing, really! I vaguely remember sitting in the tree house at one point, but I don't remember any other specifics - just the novelty of the whole thing!

So...how do you make plans for a day that implies not having plans? Here are some ideas with NO category headings, because we are not scheduling anything, by golly!

1. Stay in your pajamas, all day if possible. This is one day when it is acceptable to go to Walmart looking like the people of Walmart. Except that you should not be going to Walmart, because that is shopping, not goofing off. You are allowed to comb your hair if it bothers you not to.

2. Turn the day upside down! Pop popcorn and watch a silly movie in the morning. Have pancakes (silly shaped ones of course) and eggs and bacon for supper. Make that lunch - we're ordering in for supper!

3. Dance.

4. Nap. Outside would be even better.

5. Have a water fight.

6. Have a food fight.

7. Paint nails, make facials, give each other foot rubs.

8. Let the kids pick as many books as they want for a reading-aloud marathon. With all of you in one bed, WITH snacks. You can change the sheets later.


(/\/\goofy books/\/\)

9. What did you do for fun when you were little and had time on your hands? Blow bubbles. Make pictures in the clouds. Draw with chalk. Play hide and seek. YOU DO IT TOO, no handing the kids chalk while you scurry inside and do the dishes!

10. Messy crafts!

11. Dress up in each others' clothes.

12. Put on a silly play (or prepare one for an adult who is not at home).

13. Have a funny face contest.

14. Make a silly video.

What can you add? Offer your suggestions in the comments, and let's see if we can get this list to 100 by the time the next March 22 rolls around!

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